Wednesday, September 30, 2015

A Shoulder To Cry On

I would like to make this blog as a website or golf news portal Indonesia and the world is updated daily, at least five news that can be enjoyed Indonesia readers.

Unfortunately, I have a few limitations. The main one of course limited funds to make this blog become golf news portal that is always updated. My income from my job at this time is not sufficient to purchase the domain portal or website.

I've seen some portals in Indonesia. They are, so far, do not update golf news as it should be. However, I was, in a limited time (for the main job) and cost, can not do better as well.

Therefore, apologize if some news that I publish in this blog do not update and minimize.

Hopefully in the future my financial condition to be better.

That's all my quandaries. Not important for the actual readers. Because that's mine. Someone might have said, 'Who ordered you to make the golf news?'